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Lisa Germano – Bad Attitude lyrics

You wish it was sunny, but it's not... Hahaha
The sun will come out the day after tomorrow.. Haha
And you can move on to another bad day
You wish you were pretty, but you're not... Hahaha
But your baby loves you, he tells you so all the time
Oh that must be why you're so happy together
You're having another bad day and that's all you could change
But you don't, but your attitude baby doesn't have to be so sad
You wish you were happy but you're not.. Hahahaha
But if life was easy you wouldn't learn anything, now would you?
But most of the lessons you learn you would rather forget
You wish you could laugh it away but it's hard
A smoke or a drink makes the laughing part easier, haha
But now you are stuck with another addiction
You're having another bad day and that's all you could change
You could change but you're attitude baby doesn't have to be so mad
If you were just younger, hahaha
Or, you could start over, it's never too late, that's what betty says
Whatever happened to your sense of humor?
You've had all your treats and it's only 8: 30 am that's am you would
Give anything to change back
To when
The waves
Were smaller
And you could jump
Change back
To when you laughed
And all your moves
Were childlike

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