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Liquido – Narcotic lyrics

So you face it with a smile
There is no need to cry
For a trifle's more than this

Will you still recall my name
And the month it all began
Will you release me with a kiss

Have I tried to draw the veil
If I have - how could I fail?
Did I fear the consequence

... Dazed by carelss words
Cosy in my mind

I don't mind
I think so
I will let you go

Now you shaped that liquid wax
Fit it out with crater cracks
Sweet devotion - my delight

Oh, you're such a pretty one
And the naked thrills of flesh and skin
Would tease me through the night
"Now I hate to leave you bare
If you need me I'll be there
Don't you ever let me down"

... Dazed by careless words
Cosy in my mind

And I touched your face
Narcotic mind from lazed Mary-Jane

And I called your name
Like an addicted to cocaine calls for the stuff he'd rather blame

And I touched your face
Narcotic mind from lazed Mary-Jane

And I called your name
My cocain

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    Simply said, love is like a drug. It can give us lots of euphoria, ecstasy, and it can be so good that people will be avoiding the darker sides of life. It is the desire to be loved, feel great. As lots of drugs, love opens, diminishes the ego barriers, defense mechanisms and people are suddenly "naked", open and vulnerable. Some people fear to be like that. They fear to "lose their ego". So love can be very confusing for some.
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