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Lionel Richie – Goodbye lyrics

I wanted you for life.
You and me for always.
I never thought there would come a time,
That our story would end.
It's hard to understand,
But I guess I'll have to try.
It's not easy to say good-bye

For all the joy we share
For All that time we had to spare
Now if I had one wish,
I would want forever back again.
To look into your eyes and to hold you when you cry.
It's not easy to say good-bye

I can remember all those great times we had.
There were so many memories,
Some good, some bad.
Yes and thought it all
Those memories will last forever.

Is there peace where you are?
Maybe all I need to know.
If I listen to my heart I'll hear your laughter inside.
And so I got to say, I'm just glad you came my way.
It's not easy to say good-bye


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  • m
    I am trying to break up with my husband and I don't know how to do it.
    I keep listening to this song. It makes me sad but it says it all. There were so many memeories, some good, some bad. We all dream of everlasting love. Something somewhere changes and we find ourselves wondering what went wrong. And so I got say, I'm just glad you came my way. It's not easy to say goodbye.
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  • u
    My husband has Alzheimer at the age of 65 he is now 68 and I see him fading away every day and he knows it to. Eventually he will be in a better place where he won't be so sad. This song does not have any hidden meaning it says it plain and clear a person is leaving or has left, whether it is physical, or mentally or even death for that matter. That's it got to go and wipe my eyes.
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