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Lindisfarne – Lady Eleanor lyrics

Lady eleanor

Bashee playing magician sitting lotus on the floor
Belly dancing beauty with a power driven saw
Had my share of nightmares, didn't think there could be much more
Then in walked Rodrick Usher with the Lady Eleanor

She tied my eyes with ribbon of a silken ghostly thread
I gazed with trouble vision on an old four poster bed
Where Eleanor had risen to kiss the neck below my head
And bid me come along with her to the land of the dancing dead

But it's all right, Lady Eleanor
All right, Lady Eleanor
I'm all right where I am

She gazed with loving beauty like a mother to a son
Like living, dying, seeing, being all rolled into one
Then all at once I heard some music playing in my bones
The same old song I'd heard for years, reminding me of home

But it's all right, Lady Eleanor
All right, Lady Eleanor
I'm all right where I am

Then creeping on towards me, licking lips with tongues of fire
A host of golden demons screaming lust and base desire
And when it seemed for certain that the screams could get no higher
I heard a voice above the rest screaming 'You're liar'

But it's all right, Lady Eleanor
All right, Lady Eleanor
I'm all right here in your arms

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  • j
    The lyrics are based on Edgar Allen Poe's short story - "The Fall of the House of Usher."
    I'm guessing that Lady Eleanor is actually the character Madeline - the sister of Roderick Usher. Madeline falls into death-like trances and is entombed alive by her brother, who knows her still to be alive. She falls on him and they both die.
    I think the song is written from the perspective of the narrator of the story and shows him succumbing eventually to beauty and death.
    I've always loved this song and found it very atmospheric and disturbing - similar to "Lady D'Arbanville" by Cat Stevens. I hadn't looked into the lyrics meaning until recently.
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  • u
    Although people seem to think the chorus is reassuring, I've always seen it as more of a Geordie no thank you. She is a demon who bids him along to the land of the dancing dead, and he replies "Na, you're alright, love. I'm a bit busy tonight, maybe next time, eh?". She tries harder, first being both flirtatious and relying on his nostalgia using music to try to convince him, but when he still doesn't agree she turns evil, calling on the demons of hell to force him, but he still just shrugs it off.
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  • u
    My name is Eleanor and I was traumatized by the Beetles track Eleanor Rigby as a child so this was a welcome edition to the song library of Eleanor I discovered later, a mystical and esoteric delight. I would say the lyrics are a drug reference, Edgar Allen Poe was a heroine addict and Roderic Usher a character in his novel The Fall of The House of Usher was also a drug addict. While I myself am not a drug addict I have experienced hallucinogenics like psychedelic mushrooms and this reads like a bad trip. There are obvious references, lotus, bashee, magician etc but I strongly suspect "Eleanor" is the name given to his drug (similar to Mary Jane for Marijuana).
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    I like both interpretations of the song shown her by the other contributors. I first heard this song after it was released when I was about 10 years old. As a kid I was an avid horror film fan and horror comic reader (creepy and eerie etc) and at that time my simplistic mind chose to believe the song was about lady eleanor, a vampire who is trying to, and almost succeeding, in recruiting the narrator to 'the land of the dancing dead. ' whenever I hear it nowadays it instantly transports me back in time. What I tend to think it is about now is that the narrator is having a nightmare involving roderick usher (from fall of the house of usher) and his own wife lady eleanor who is not all she seems to be and has a very dark side. When the narrator awakes from his nightmare everything is calm and he is lying in bed beside his wife safe in her arms. Obviously he reads to many horror stories as well :) what I love about a song like this is that it is timeless and we can all interpret it in our own ways. I guess the only person who can tell us what it really means is alan hull but sometimes it's best not to know.
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  • u
    It reminds me of a drug addict that is craving drugs amd and rodererick usher is his dealer and lady eleanor the name of his choice of drugs, and from the minute he tkes them he, s waiting to feel completely encompassed by the feeling until finally at the end he is and describes it as being in her arms, I may be completely wrong but each person has there own representation of theis song and this is mine x
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