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Limbonic Art – The Yawning Abyss Of Madness lyrics

Again I drift the halls
Of wondering
The black castle of solitude
On the very edge of sanity
In mental cryogenic interludes

I have slipped into the seventh
Circle of hell
In realms where deadly shadows
Infest every cell
Internal Seremonies
In ritual death
External bleedings for the demon
Of madness
Hide from the torture of the
Dazzling light
The demolition voice shall speak

While I'm staring down into the
Darkest pit
An ocean black as the night
So infinite deep and consuming
It swallows all life force with

Again I drift the halls
Of wondering
As I focus for the
Darkness to come
In anguish minds uplift
The conquering
To cross the line of death

Internal ceremonies
In ritual death
External bleedings for the
Demon of madness

An abstract reality and
Bottomless insanity
To search for the
Powers to please
The subconscious spirit
Of disease
Time found no remedy
Cause winds of darkness
Was stealing me

The yawning abyss of madness
A cryptic slaughter by hate
Darkness is the only survivor
As devil dominion terminate

Behind the sealed door
To imagination
I sense the voices of devastation
Dementia praecox
A cascade of dark emotions
An ominous silence imprisons me
With disfigured landscapes

The winds that carry
This esoteric call
Emerges from the dungeons
Underneath my soul
As I cross the bridge
To that darkness
My eyes are filled with
So much death

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