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Lily Allen – I Don't Mind Babe lyrics


I don't know how it even started
I'd always thought that we were cool
But recently there's been a change in your demeanor
You're like those nasty girls from school
Look at you huddled 'round the table there
You're like an argument with witches
As I walk by you can't stop whispering and laughing
You're just a bunch of sad old bitches


I don't care, I've got better things to do
I will not be made to feel like shit by you
There was a time, you don't impress me anymore
Here's your coat love, there's the door


Don't you think it's time we went our seperate ways
To put it politely, please just get out my face
Yeah you can scream and you can shout until you're blue
I don't mind babe, who the fuck are you?

[Verse 2:]

Do you create these situations
Cause you've got nothing else to do
It's like you've always got to have it in for someone
You and your god forsaken crew
Well girls, I think your days are numbered
And I think you probably know that too
I know it's hard for you to hear, but you should listen
Cause it's all absolutely true



I know exactly how you operate
I've seen you do it time and time again
You keep it up until there's something that you want from me
Then you'll decide that we're the best of friends



I don't mind babe, who the fuck are you?

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