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Lil Wayne – Crying Out For Me lyrics

Uh huh
And Young Weezy baby (Oh)
So you know that only means one thing
This the remix baby

[Verse:]-Lil' Wayne
So I met this shawty the other day
I got her numba called her up
Like what you doin' she say nothin
I say what's good
She say not much
I say guess what
She say what's up
I say I think we should hook up
She say uh
I say what
She say but
I say but why you stuck
She say fuck
I say who
She say not you
I said then who
She say you know
I know what
You know who
I said I do
She said you do
I said I do but I really don't
Because it's you that I really want
And we can do what you really want
Girl we grown and if he ain't gon treat you right
Then I ain't gon treat you wrong
That's my word
And she done heard so many lies
She don't what's true or not
Shawty like a valley servers
I swear she been through a lot
But I put her car in park
And never let her cry alone
I listen to her heart beat
Because it plays my favorite song

I can hear your heart crying out for me (crying out for me)
I can hear your heart crying out for me
(And it keeps on saying) Come on in, come on in come on in and save me
(And it keeps on saying) Come on in, come on in come on in and save me
(I can baby) I can hear your heart crying out for me

[Verse 2:]-Mario
Baby, I should've never caught no feelings
But baby having late night conversion on your sofa
You telling me how he played you out over and over, over and over
But I'm stuck in the middle of seeing you hurt
I know when you love him
And you wanna make it work
And I can't help but think that I knew you first
It's getting louder
Girl I can't ignore it no more baby


I don't wanna confuse things (no)
But I just can't keep lying to myself
When you're holding me (when you're holding me)
I can feel your pain oh baby let me be your dream
I'm the answer come see me (see me)
And you don't have to cry no more (you don't have to cry)

Girl I can hear your heart baby
I can hear your heart
Girl it's crying
Won't you listen to your heart, baby


Girl I can hear, hear it cry for me, for me, for me, me, me, me(whoo)

Ladies wave your hands in the air
Ladies wave your hands in the air

Oh oh baby
It's crying for me
It's crying for me for me

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