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Lil' Mo – Disturbing Phone Call lyrics

[Male:] Yo, I don' t feel like listenin to nothing
[Lil Mo:] No, you gonna hear sumtin
[Male:] Yo my phone ringin, hold on
(3 messages Wednesday, February 5th 8: 27 pm: Yo, Mo this is Spazam)
[Male:] What you want me to hear
[Mo:] That aint it just wait a second
[Male:] Come on I got to go
[Mo:] You aint gotta go nowhere, you sit right there
[Male:] You trippin
[Mo:] Wait, listen
(Mo, Command baby mother. And uuh you might be with him right now but he was with me last night)
[Male:] Come on Yo, I'm out. I aint tryin to hear this
[Mo:] No you gonna hear this, you gonna hear. You gave her my number
[Male:] What
[Mo:] You gave her my number
[Male:] No you gave her your number
[Mo:] I did not give her my number
[Male:] You gave her your number
[Mo:] Whatever yo, she always playin on my phone you better make her respect me
[Male:] You respect your self then
[Mo:] nigga I respect myself
[Male:] Man you trippin I'm out
[Mo:] Whatever yo, you wack!
[Male:] You wack
[Mo:] You real wack
[Male:] You wack
[Mo:] You realy wack, don' t make me throw this phone in your face. I am not playin
[Male:] Look Boo, look look look
[Mo:] Don' t look at me with that stupid face. You call her right now and tell her
[Male:] I'm not callin her
[Mo:] Why not
[Male:] No, I'm not callin her
[Mo:] Oh you a sucka, you scared of her son, you scared, you wack
[Male:] You don' t have to like that
[Mo:] You wack, you wack, whatever
[Male:] You don' t have to pay child support
[Mo:] Whatever
[Male:] You don' t have to pay child support
[Mo:] Whatever that' s right
[Male:] You don' t have to pay child support
[Mo:] Then you should marry her then, then you should be with her then.
Why won' t you be with her then
[Male:] Alright, then I' ll Holla
[Mo:] Why wont you be with her then
[Male:] I' ll Holla
[Mo:] Be with her
[Male:] I' ll Holla
[Mo:] Then Bye, I' ll call her my self

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