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Lil' Kim – Intro In A-Minor lyrics

Sound*of a car driving on a busy street Taxi*
Driver Alright: sir which side of the Street
would you like to be on Patron.
Yeah: that one That. side right there Taxi.
Driver Yeah: okay The.

taxi driver is heard pulling over to let the man out Taxi.
Driver Okay: that will be four ninety please Patron.
Yeah: yeah here's five dollars Keep. the change Taxi.
Driver Oh: f k**you The!

car door slams shut and the man is heard walking Box.

Office Worker May: I, help you Patron?
Yeah: ah, can, can, I, have one for Little Kim Hardcore. Box.
Office Worker That: will be ten dollars He.

hands her money and then walks through a door Box.

Office Worker fu: n'***weirdo Lil'.

*Kim's Big Momma Thang is playing in the background Concession*

Stand Worker Yeah: may, I help you Patron?
Yeah: ah, can, I get a small order of popcorn and, Ah
ah, a, large order of butter and just like a lot Of
napkins please Concession.
Stand Worker Butter: Anyway? am, will, that be all Patron?
Yeah: ah, Concession...
Stand Worker That'll: be six-ninety-five The.

patron hands another bill over Concession.

Stand Worker Ah: man, why, this s t**so slimey Patron?
Huh: The!

patron is then heard walking from the concession stand Into
the screen room Lil'. Kim and a man are heard moaning And
having s Porno**. music is heard in the background The.

patron unzips his zipper Five. seconds later and a Splashing
noise is heard as the patron begins masturbating Patron.

Yeah: Yeah. baby, Yeah. Oh. yeah, Come. on baby, Yeah.
Yeah. Mmm. Yeah. Yeah. Kim. Come. on Kim, Come.
on Yeah. Yeah. The.

moans from the screen and the splash sound from the Masturbating
patron continue Patron.

Yeah: Come. on Kim. Kim. Yeah. Yeah. Work.
it b, h***

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