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Libera – Going Home lyrics

Going home, going home
I am going home
Quiet like, some still day
I am going home

It's not far, just close by
Through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
Never fear no more

Mother's there expecting me
Father's waiting too
Lots of faces gathered there
All the friends I know

I'm just going home

No more fear, no more pain
No more stumbling by the way
No more longing for the day
Going to run no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dreams all gone
Shadows gone, break of day
Real life has begun

There's no break, there's no end
Just a living on
Wide awake with a smile
Going on and on

Going home, going home
I am going home
Shadows gone, break of day
Real life has begun

I'm just going home

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  • h
    This is a song for someone longing to be home in heaven. We anticipate those who've gone on ahead of us expecting our arrival (Mother's there expecting me, Father's waiting too. Lots of folks gathered there, all the friends I knew). When we see it in that light, the thought of eternity with God is not something to be afraid of but it creates in us a desire to so order our lives in God so that heaven is the natural outcome. I happen to believe that can only happen through a living relationship with God through Christ and I believe that's also what the author had in mind.
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  • m
    It is about enlightenment. Each verse says it. Going home is feeling at home right here, when it happens quiet remains and days are still, work all done, nothing you do is work but rather done in a playful tone, cares laid by, then you simply have no cares but just things to do or leave behind, fear just passes by like wind, a movement if it ever so occures. You start seeing everybody around as your own, you see a friend on a stranger's face. All seeking and wishful daydreaming stop, you need nothing more than that which already is at hand. When you sort of are enlightened life just goes on for you, nothing ends and nothing new begins. You simply enjoy the moment just like you were before only now with a touch of ease and clarity to write explanations like this one. Haha. And it is where you recognize the joy of life. Real life has begun. I am at home.
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