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Levellers – Warning lyrics

(I don't have to tell you things are bad,
Everyone knows it; it's a depression.
Crowds are running wild in the streets,
But nobody anywhere seems to know
What to do with them
-- now listen...
You know the air is unfit to breath
, our food is unfit to eat.
We know things are bad,
Worse than bad; T
Hey're crazy,
It's like everything everywhere
Is going crazy
So we don't go out anymore.
We sit in the house and slowly
The world we're living in is getting smaller
And all we say is
"Please ... at least leave us alone in our living room."
All I know is
That first we've got to get mad...
You've got to say
"I'm a human being god damn it!
-- my life has value! "
I want you to get up right now
I want you to get up now
I want all of you to get up out of your chairs
I want you to get up right now
I want you to get up right now
I want you to get up now
I want all of you to get up out of your chair
S -- I want you to get up right now
And go to the window,
Open it and stick your head out and yell...

Summer uk '93
Controlled substances in hand
Flash photos on location
Final end solution
Road block
Cash from chaos received
This sun burns more than you believe
The smell of C. S. Gas
Confusion of the mass
Cold sweat

Out of control
You know we know
Turning your face away
But where to go

Shake it down by any means
You know you've seen this all before
Broken words from loud hailers
Hands raised in the air
And no tune

Armed surveillance last dance
Sparks fly at the first glance
Helpless face within the flame
First purge of the new game
Crass press

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