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Less – Hey There lyrics

What they call living
Is it even worth giving to make sense of the people?
They walk like they know
Where they're going
And all the while
Knowing they're lost

Wouldn't it be nice to have a clue?
I'm just looking for some truth
What's going on?
I hope I'll find it in You

Hey there What am I to do
Don't You see
What I'm going through?
All I ask for is answers to questions
But all this confusion
Lets me know that
I'm losing Faith

Hey, is this life?
Is this what I'm perceiving,
Is it more than believing?
I'll step back and look at this life
Will I base it on romance, or find the deeper meaning in all this?

Lately all my days
Seem like the night
And I got no place to hide
Here in the dark
Could You spare a little light?

Faith is more than
Something I believe
Something so much bigger than what my eyes can see
And somehow I believe
I missed the point
But You came to me
With exactly what I needed.

You said,
"Hey there, what am I to do?
I want to give you something new
All I ask is that
You would just listen
But all your confusion
Lets me know that you're losing
Hey there, I still believe in you
I want to give you something new
Something beyond your imagination

But all your confusion lets me know that you're losing
And all your confusion
Lets me know that you're losing"
All this confusion lets me know
That I'm losing faith.

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