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Larry Gatlin – She Used To Be Somebody's Baby lyrics

Chorus (x2):
(She used to be some-) somebody's baby
(Used to be some-) somebody's girl
(She used to be some-) somebody's lady
(She used to be some-) somebody's world
& before you start actin' like the king of the mountain
You'd better hear one thing, Jack:
Somebody wants her back (somebody wants her)
Somebody wants her back (somebody really wants her)
Somebody wants her back (somebody wants her back)
Somebody wants her back

You came in like a thief in the night
& stole her right out of my hands
I didn't even see you comin' till you were gone
I had it figured right down to the letter
But you never figured into my plans
But everything's a-gonna be different from now on


Better not be spendin' a lot o' your time hangin' out downtown
Better be takin' care of business back at home
You better start lookin' over your shoulder
'Cause I might be gainin' ground
'Cause I'm gonna get right back what was my own, my own

(chorus, fading out)

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