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Lady Antebellum – Dancin' Away With My Heart lyrics

I finally asked you to dance
On the last slow song
And beneath the moon that was really a disco ball
I can still feel my head on your shoulder
Hoping that song would never be over

I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself
Wondering where you are
For me you'll always be 18
And beautiful and dancing away with my heart

I brushed your curls back so I could see your eyes
And the way you moved me was like you were in my mind
I can still feel you lean into kiss me
I can't help but wonder if you ever miss me

Repeat chorus

Oh you headed out to college
At the end of that summer when we lost touch
I guess I didn't realize even at that moment we lost so much

Repeat chorus

Nah nah nah(repeat 3x)

Away with My Heart

Nah nah nah(repeat 3x)

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    I love this song because its holding on to memories of when it felt like there was no care in the world. It reminds me of my first love that i'll never forget. "i can still feel my head on your shoulder, hoping the song would never be over" the day we got together, we were at a dance. I hold onto the beautiful memory still perfect in my mind.
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    Nearly 10 years ago, my daughter tracy died in a car accident 7 weeks after leaving home for college. This song makes me think of her--"for me you'll always be 18 and beautiful and dancing away with my heart. " not a day goes by that I don't miss her with all of my being and this song brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes as I remember her.
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    Hillary scott said, "this song is about looking back on a really special night that you shared with someone, but i also think there's a timelessness about it. No matter how long it's been or what the other person is doing now, you will always imagine them to be '18 and beautiful and dancin' away with my heart' ... That mental picture never changes because that night was magical. I love how romantic that is! "
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