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Kyla – It's Over Now lyrics

You, you turned and walked away
I didn't know what to say
I close my eyes to hide
The pain I felt inside
I could never understand
How love went out of hand
And now, there's nothing I can do

Though the feeling hasn't passed
Sad to say our love didn't last
Please don't ask me to pretend
Cause to know it's over

When I'm done forgetting you
You can say what you wanna do
Please don't ask me to pretend
Cause I know it's over now

Now, I'm left here all alone
A heart without a home
How will I ever find
The love I left behind
Once the days were ours to share
Now you don't even care
And there's still nothing I can do

(Repeat refrain 2x)

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  • u
    Sometimes you are meant to fall inlove but not meant to be together. So even how hard you are trying to save the relationship if you are not meant to be. You have no choice but to give up and move on. Don't wste ur time for someone who doesn't deserve you. Let god do the rest. Just leave everything to him. He knows everything whats good for you. Just be patient. :)
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  • u
    No matter how strong your love is, there will always be a time you will learn to give up. I had been struggle a lot of pains and sacrifices just to fix things that are already broken. Just to be happy again. It turns out to nothing. I kept the pain all alone, but I have to accept the fact that not all things are meant to stay so I have to move on for the sake of my child. --mad.
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  • n
    I miss that feeling. Feeling of being in love. Feeling that intense thumping of your heart when you're sitting close to someone. Holding hands for the first time. Giggling over some sweet nothings. Being excited hearing the phone rings. Feeling jealous. Striving to be beautiful for someone. Having your heart broken, but still love with all your heart. Crying over someone. Composing poems for someone you're crazily in love with. Crying over a sad song. Missing. Longing. Anguish for being betrayed. The agony of letting go and forgettng someone you love.
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  • u
    This song is what I want to sing for my boyfriend now, I keep on fighting for our love. I've decided many times to end up this love story but my heart always says that ("don't" cause you love him) Be patient. I keep on finding ways to make our relationship happy. I'm always looking for a reasons to stay.

    But now, I realized that sometimes heart is also getting tired in understanding even how much you love that person. I don't want to let him go, I don't want to give up but He is always keep in making the same mistakes and I'm already tired of understanding on it. In 7 months, I've suffered a lot. I gave him many chances just to keep our love but, its end up for nothing. I feel that he's just pretending now and he just waiting that I will be the one to say that, I Give up! And I don't want to pretend now! The love is still there, but I know we are not meant to be. I am tired. I give up!
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  • k
    That feeling that you call love is not love it is the thought the memories and that is why we are still hurt because we gives life to what was dead already. Letting go, pretending, running away can never stop the pain, the only solution is to look, just look at the pain without trying to judge, without trying to react, but simply being passively aware of all the thoughts and when the thought realize by itself then it will stop by itself. The observer is the observed.
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