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Kurhaus – We've Marked These Red Lines... lyrics

Borders are bullshit
No flag but the black flag
Nation state is a racist concept
Babylon burn!
You will know us by the x's on our hands
You will know us by our raised fists
We're the battle line facing you
We're young, anger armed anarchists

Mr. President can't you see that all your pride means nothing to me?
Wanna live my life self ruled world-wide, nation states mean nothing to me!

World bank and wto
Seattle and genoa
G8, eu, nato
Every summit, every mayday
You will know us by the brick in your window
You will know us by your burning car
You shoot protesters, we strike back
The world is ours, let's take it back

... Your goddamn world means nothing to me!
Look at the maquiladora industries in latin america and eastern europe
Look at your sneakers and t-shirts and the sweatshops they come from
They justify their deeds with profits and growth, tell us it is necessary
But there is no justice in capitalism

No nation! No border! No government! No state!
We have to burn down this capitalist world before it's too late
If we stand together, we can do it! Solidarity is a weapon!
Rise up, everybody! Join in the fight!

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