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Krs-One – Ova Here lyrics


The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)


Bla Blaow!!! Bla Blaow!!! Cler em out clear 'em out!!! Word!


Yo Nelly! You ain't Fo'Reel and you ain't Universal

Your whole style sounds like a nsync commercial

Ignoratus, I'm the baddest with the mic apparatus

Challenge the God of rap is madness

Snatch your status, with this ugly lookin billboard you can't stop them

But I got enough albums to make my own top ten

You limited, like the spread of traffic

You bite my style off the radio so when you speak you bet I hear the static

You better chillout like Chuck, I kick like three Norris's

One of my sixteen bar rhymes is eight of your choruses

Of course it is ridiculous

Watch out, I begin to curve indispicuous

Gotcha! On your, hands and knees

Ain't it about time for some real emcees?


The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

[Verse 2:]

(Uh!) Uh! We on the hunt tonight

When you see me comin, I don't front I fight

People say I'm contradictin, cause I'm about peace

To say the least with a violent history

It ain't no mystery these rappers wanna get with me

My people don't see that all they hear is stop hittin me, huh

Stop beatin me Chris, you want to help my career Nelly? -aca

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