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Krs-One – Intro: You Know What's Up! lyrics

[Intro: krs-One]
Yo, yo, you know what's up!
Turn this up right now
Ha ha, ha! Like that y'all, you don't stop!
It's the D. I. G. I. T. A. L.
It's the krs-One with the D. I. G. I. T. A. L.

Yo you know what's up with that
We bout to set it on you, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha!

[Verse: krs-One]
Follow me de massive, follow me de massive
Follow me de crew, follow me crew
Krs-One, bdp, comin through
Money B, Shock G, Humpty, Truck Turner
Krs-One the teacher, you the learner!
Big Pun havin fun, with Biz Markie
Down with dj, J. C. You see
In New York City all the way to Compton
We rockin like this cause you know we stompin
Mystic, you know you got the lyric
When everybody come out, you got to hear it
Digital Underground, with the metaphysical thundersound
Krs from the Boogie Down like that y'all
You don't quit, keep on!

Wadda-by-by-bye, wada-by-by, ba-by-by, ba-by-by, ba-bye
Krs come down, watch this!!

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