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Korpiklaani – Tuli Kokko lyrics

Tuli kokko, iliman lintu,
Havukka, tuolt' tuulten pддltд,
Litti lintu, syцksy sддksi,
Sinitaivon selдnteiltд.

Siivet sil' ol' suuremmoiset,
Hцvhenkarvat hurjanlaiset,
Nokkanuoli kovin kopra,
Silmдpari salamoiva.

Kuni kokonkaunis kaatos,
Kuni havukan luova lento,
Niin on mieli miunki ylvдs,
Niin on aatos miunki vappaa.

Toinen siipi maata viisti,
Toinen taivon kantta raapi,
Nokka koukki kuusiloit,
Silmдt nдki tдhtein' pддhдn.

Kuli halki kolmen kosken,
Kolmen kosken, neljдn virran,
Kaunoisehen metsдnmaahan,
Suloisehen Suomenmaahan.

Kuni kokon kaunis kaarros,
Kuni havukan luova lento,
Niin on mieli miunki ylvдs,
Niin on aatos miunki vappaa.

[English Translation:]

Came The Eagle

Came the eagle of the air,
A hawk from above the wind.
Gliding bird, charging beast,
From the depths of the blue sky

Wings they were wide and strong,
Feathers they were furious.
Beak it was long and sharp,
Eyes they were flashing.

Beautiful as an eagle's curve,
Bold as a hawk's dive,
So is noble my own mind,
So is free my own spirit.

The first wing touched the ground,
The second wing scratched the sky.
The beak was touching the treetops,
The eyes saw to the end of stars.

Flew over three rapids,
Three rapids, four rivers.
To forest land so beautiful,
To the sweet land of Finns.

Beautiful as an eagle's curve...

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