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Kitty Wells – How Far Is Heaven lyrics

How far is heaven, let's go to-night
I want my daddy to hold me tight.

A little girl was waiting for her daddy one day
It was time to meet him, when she heard her mommy say
Come to mama, darling, please do not cry
Daddy's gone to heaven, way up in the sky.

How Far Is Heaven, when can I go
To see my daddy, he's there, I know
How Far Is Heaven, let's go to-night
I want my daddy to hold me tight.

He was called so suddenly and could not say goodbye
I know that he's in heaven, we'll meet him by and by
The little girl trembled, her tears she could not hide
She looked up towards heaven and then she replied.


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    My mom played the guitar and I song the songs I was 4 when I fisrt sang How far is Heaven back in the late fiftys. Mom like it, Grandpa died in 1955. Drunk driver hit him. Hurt two of my Uncles too. Now my dad is gone too in 1994, and my Husband too in 2011. And the song sill makes my cry. But I keep the song in my heart for all three of them and keep singing it too. Thank you Kitty for the greates song.
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    We used to use my brothers and sisters name in the song and go through the whole family only knowing the corus. Don't know who we learnt it from. It is a beautiful song and I was just sitting here today and it came to my mind. Naturally I am a new user of the computer and had to look it up. My mother died when I was 12. My meaning to the song is: >>There is A possibility you will meet again someday. We are all born to die. It is the natural process of life. Live life to the fullest>>> For those that are having a hard time with a death of a mother whether it was many years ago or recent I recommend reading. Motherless Daughters. Sorry I didn't look up the author. It really helped me understand that a passing of a parent it a very critical point in someones life. I recommend it highly.
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    My mom had this song on a record when I was younger. My best friends dad had died when she was very young and we used to listen to it and cry for her loss. My daddy died 4 years ago when I was 31 but I still felt like his little girl waiting for him to come home again and I can't help but to wonder nhow far heaven is and when I can see my daddyagain. Thank you for having this sng here for me to find so I could have a good memory cry.
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    I used to sit on my daddy's lap and he would sing this song, I would cuddle my head in his shoulder so he wouldn't know I was crying, years later A few months before my wedding date my daddy suddenly went to heaven. I can't sing this song without going back in memory on my daddy's lap.
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    When I was seven years old my daddy died in November and my girlfriend's daddy died in February and he was a singer, he would sing in all the small local bars and this song is one that he had sang to my friend and after his passing she taught it to me. We would sing it together and cry for our daddy's together. I have sang this song my whole life, and taught it to all my little nieces then I had children of my own I sang and taught it to them, and they just lost their daddy~January 1, 2007. So now when I hear my little girl sing this song my heart just breaks and takes me back. It is a beautiful song and you really just wanna know how far heaven is.
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