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Kingston Trio – You're Gonna Miss Me lyrics

Mike Seeger/Tom Paley/John Cohen/Dave Guard

Frankie and Johnnie were sweet hearts. They had a quarrel one day. Johnny vowed he would leave her.
He said he was going away. Never coming home. Goin' away to roam.

Frankie begged and she pleaded, "My love, Johnny, please stay. Now, oh, my honey, I've done you wrong but please don't go away."
Then Johnny sighed while Frankie cried.

"Oh, I'm a-going away. I'm a-goin' to stay. Never coming home. You're gonna miss me, honey, in the days to come
When the winter winds begin to blow, the ground is covered up
And when you think of the way, you're gonna wish me back, your lovin' man,
You're gonna miss me, honey, in the day they say's to come. "

Frankie done said to her Johnny, "Now man your hour done come." "Cause from behind her kimono she drew her forty-four gun.
"These love affairs are hard to bear!"
Johnny, he fled down the stairway. "My love, Frankie, don't shoot!" Frankie done aimed the forty-four
While the town went rooty-toot-toot. As Johnny fell, then Frankie yelled,


"Send for your rubber tired hearses. Send for your rubber tired hacks. Carry old Johnny to the graveyard, I've shot him in the back
With a great big gun as the preacher begun.
Send for some policeman to take me right away. Lock me down in the dungeon cell and throw the key away.
My Johnny's dead because he said.


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    This song is about a murder which took place in St. Louis in the 1890's. It is one of a cluster of versions of what later became "Frankie and Johnny". It was written, not by Dave Guard and Seeger/Paley/Cohen, but by the Leighton Bros. and one other person in 1912. The song seems to have remained fairly true to the events which happened. Charlie Poole did an early version of it in the 1920's called "Leaving Home". The original lyrics were "...and the ground is covered up with snow...." but that was too much for the later people to say in one breath. One of the earliest of what were to become blues songs, but it does not come across that way. The original "Frankie" actually beat the murder charge.
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