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Kings Of Leon – Cold Desert lyrics

Waiting for a light
To come on
That's when I know
That your alone
It's cold in the desert
Water that is easy around?
Special for girls
Without a sound?

You told me you loved me,
That I'd never die alone
Hand over you
Heart lets go home
Everyone noticed,
Everyone has seen the sign
I've always been known
To cross lines

I've never ever cryed
When I was feeling down
I've always been scared
Of the sound
Jesus don't love me
No one ever carryed my low?
I'm to young to feel this old

Is it you? Is it me?
No body knows no body sees
No body but me

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Submitted byrafaelmoliv


  • l
    To me, this is a song about heartbreak, plain and simple. Think about the title first, "Cold Desert". There is nothing in the desert, so he is saying he is alone, and cold is a gripping thing. He is cold and alone.
    He feels betrayed, "You told me you loved me, That I'd never die alone." and once again, alone and unloed, as he puts it Jesus dont' even love him.
    And was it him or her who ruined this whole relationship? Apparently only he knows.
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  • a
    To me, this song is definitely about depression from a past lover with some possible Atheist undertones. The pain he's feeling is from the lover that scarred him, but his real problem is that he feels even more lonely knowing there is not even a God to which to turn. His life is compared to being stuck on a corner waiting for the light to come on, when the light never comes on, that's how he knows that we're all alone and God isn't there to help. He jokes around in the second verse saying that in religion, you hand over your heart to a false god who does nothing with it. He refers to Jesus' crucifiction and discredits is by saying nobody ever carried his load, as in the story of Jesus dying for our sins and pains in life. To him, there is either no God, or at least his frustrated with the turn God let his life take. He feels desolate, and he feels that he is the only one who sees the flaws in the illusion of God. That's my opinion, maybe some Freudian, subconcious thoughts just revealed themselves but I think this song could easily be about Atheism. But most likely, it's the story of a boy caught in a love triangle and having to sneak around and feeling lonely as predicted before me.
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  • k
    He is the cold desert. Alone, because she's married but he doesn't mind crossing lines. He feels no emotion, (water never sees the ground) special love for girls without a sound.(secert). Never cried(cold heart, emotionless). He knows she will never leave him. Although he has preyed for it(jesus. No one ever carried my load). He also knows he's too young to fill this (that) roll. So who is playing with who?. I know. ; -)
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