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King Arut – Tha Star Has Been Born lyrics

A Star has been born
Betta get ready for him
The name is King and got a
Story from for him (yep)
Baby Girl I Know That We Can Make It Through The Weather (Yea)
As Long As We Strong Everything Will Stay Together (Yea)
When Times Get Hard Long As We Call Upon The Lord
Everything Will Be Fine Everything Will Be Fine Cuz I'm Da Star
King is Tha Star
So Last Summer I Retire My Number Hoe
So No I Can't Jot You My Number Though
My nigga Real Think You A Hot ass
Don't Ya nigga Get out My Face Before Ya Money Get Backruped

Baby Girl I Know That We Can Make It Through The Weather (Yea)
As Long As We Strong Everything Will Stay Together (Yea)
Ya I get nasty wit them hoes but I don't piss em off when Tha Star is Born Ya Better Cough em Off
Cuz it's All Bout Money, cars, clothes, hoes pop bottles
In da club den bite dat
Pussy so it will go Cuz it's
All bout Money, cars,
Clothes, hoes pop bottles in da club cuz
Tha Star has been born shawty
So get on yo horns and roll

Sittin in lebrons, driver seat reclined
2 woman, my mary j disc and my 9
It's my life, my life, my mutha fuckin life
And fuck one time it's...
Tha Star has been born so recline
Back seat nigga get out my way
Cuz shawty imma hit it, hit it
Like I can't miss bay

Nigga got a girl (yea, yea)
Bottles in da club where
Tha Star has been born
And young money like porn
Speak On How You Feel
Stay Truthful To Me
And Never Lie To Me
And don't Ever Keep No Secrets
No Matter Wutever Nahh
You Can Be My Misses King
We Can Do The Damn Thang... And Thangs
You See I Had To Tell My nigga Lil Boo
I Met A Girl Like You
Cuz I Aint Never Met Another Girl Like You
But I Know what To Do Wit A Girl Like You
Two letters... I Do baby girl
You gone mine back dat ass
Up back it from the behind

Cause I'm a freak too I get that from my father
Since I can remember I been poppin my ass
You brought a dollar then holla believe to pussy I pass
Nigga ya dick powerful cause niggas need that Tha Star has been
And da name aint jock cuz
Imma hit it hit it like
I can't miss shawty when
Dat ass pop back I'm like
(urkkkkkk) stop...
Tha Star has been born shawty
If ya can remember lil mama
Like porn (yep) cuz ya kno
Why (why) cuz Tha Star has
Been Born

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