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King – Maybe lyrics

There I was waiting for a chance
Hoping that u'll understand
The things I wanna say

As my love
Is stronger than before
I wanna see u more and more
But you close the door

Why don't u try
To open up your heart
I won't take so much of your time...

Maybe it's wrong to say please love me too
Coz I know u never do
Somebody else is waitin' there inside for you...
Maybe it's wrong to love you more each day
Coz I know she's here to stay...
But I know to whom you should belong...

I believe what u said to me
We should set each other free
That's how u want it to be...

But my love is strong
I don't know if this is wrong
But I know to whom you should belong...

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  • r
    I reelly can't imagine the life without her I miss her so much ang I love her so much, I want her to be part of my life I'm suffering a real pain, I feel I'm just nothing and stupid, maybe I'm just a garbage! That's what I rally feel, she left me at the xmas eve and this year is our coming 3 years and 6th monthsary, I can't help my self I'm just crying and wait for her to come back, I hope she can still love me, please come backkk to meee.
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  • u
    Maybe it's wrong to love you more each day.
    Coz I know she's here to stay. But my love is strong.
    I don't know if this is wrong.
    But I know to whom you should belong.
    I really love this song! Nakakarelate ako much. Alam ko mali tong nara2mdaman ko para sayo pero gustong kong malaman mo na istillloveyou and I'm always here for you. Sana maging maliga kayo sa piling ng isa't isa kasi ang kaligayahan mo ay kaligayahan ko rin.
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