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Kim Jong Kook – One Man lyrics

Cham orae-dwan-nabwa
Imal chocha mosaek hal mankum
Ni nunbinman bwado nol hwonhi ta anun
Ni chin-guchorom noye kurimja chorom

Nul hamkke hae-nnabwa
Niga himdul-ttaena sulpul ttae
Werowo hal-ttaedo ddo ibyol alh-koso
Apahal-ttaedo ni nunmul taggajul

Han namjaga-isso nol nomu saranghan
Han namjaga isso saranghae maldo mo-tha-nun

Ni gyote son nae-milmyon ggot tah-ul koriye
Chasinboda agginun nol gachin naeka isso

Norul utke hanuni-rochik keugonman saengga-kha-go
Onje odisona norul barabogo
Nol kuriwo hago ni kokchongman hanun

Han namjaga-isso nol nomu saranghan
Han namjaga isso saranghae maldo mo-tha-nun
Ni gyote son nae-milmyon ggot tah-ul koriye
Chasinboda agginun nol gachin naeka isso

Chonboncchum sam-kigo wo
Tto manbonchum chuseuryo bojiman
Ma-rha-go shipo michilgot katunde
Nol warang nan an-go shipunde

Han yojaga isso iron nal morunun
Sarang badumyonso sarang injuldo morunun
Namankum kkok pabogatun sulpun nol tugo
I sun-gan-do nunmuri najiman haengbo-khan gol
Niga gyote itki ttaemun-iya

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Submitted byBabiieGirl


  • u
    Firstly, I known jong kook oppa from running man. I ofently hear this song in that variety show, and I ask my friend, imi, what are the song's name, he said 'han nam ja'. First time I hear this song in YouTube, I have fall in love with jong kook oppa and this song. This song also make me remembered at my bestfriend imi because he has a similar face with jong kook oppa, at my school, imi known as jong kook cause his face is most likely jong kook oppa. At school also, I and imi also sing jong kook oppa song like han nam ja, thousand of footprints, come back again to me and a word I want to say to you. That is the best moment with me and imi. Hihihihi, hurmm, jong kook still not married yet right? Jong kook oppa, I'm waiting for you here in malaysia! Saranghae oppa!
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    This song is about a man who loves a girl who does not knowing that man love her. That's my opinion. Because it the exact meaning it for me. Having crush with someone where you the one who taking good care of him, and pray for him is a honor. As long as he happy, alive and living his life. You be happy too. Wait, not you. Me. I be happy if NY crush happy. But, how long will I take to only having crush and not reveal that feeling. I think nothing wrong of saying you love him, even get rejected that okay. I mean, it not your problem anymore, not your own burden. So after this, lets say it out, with lots of courage 'I think I rise in love with you'. If he/she reject. Then just smile and says, it's okay, don't worry about it. I just feel more okay to share it with you. Says those thing when you being reject, if you been accepted then don't forget to share the news. Haha hah. Bh2 I still like this song. Btw, I hope Kim Jong kook get marry soon, either it song hi hyo the one most people ship for, yoon eun bye (x-man love line) or who ever that person, a teacher, a doctor, a model, a singer, who ever, I wish he get marry soon. Because it just so frustrated me to like him but I cannot do anything with my feelings. I'm just a normal human being who having a love line with a singer who does not even know I'm exist.
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  • u
    This song make me remember to my crush, hakimi because he has a face like jong kook oppa, when I know he love someone else, I hear this song and I am crying, the more I hear this song the more tears that will come out, when I want to refresh my moment with hakimi, I will playing this song and without I noticing, my tears come out, ahhh, I am very grateful to god because I have in love with that man, a one man that make my days happy although he is not mine, for hakimi, either you don't read this, I just want to say that I never forget you and I never take off you from my heart, you are my fisrt and my last love, the only one thing that make me happy is fall in love with man like you, saranghae nae sarang~ : '(
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