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Killing Joke – Hum lyrics

Slowly, slowly all fall down
A blindfold dance and a 1, 2, 3
No mistake where they always emphasize security
Draw the curtains, shut the door, the heater's on
I couldn't ask for more
I pull the sheets right overhead
Snuggle, snuggle safe in bed

Take the wight right off my shoulder
Misery claims much too late
Bow the head or grip the sabre
Vermichten regenerate
Bright eyed young inherit all
Treading down upon the fallen
They was drawn towards the Hum
Plenty more where they come from.

Slowly, slowly all fall down
A blindfold dance and a 1, 2, 3
Swarm upset the gentle lamb
A hive don't hold no humble bee!
Slowly, slowly, out it came,
Tendencies that weren't the same
And they were drawn towards the Hum
Plenty more where We come from.

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    This song is a balance between the old guard (first paragraph) and the young who are coming for them to upset the old order. The old order has the option to accept the changing of the guard or to fight ("bow the head or grip the saber"). "Plenty more where they/we come from is an allusion to the endless nature of this cycle. The youth will always be coming for established order, with new and different ideas. And, they will eventually become the old guard, who will have new youth to come for them. Pretty straight forward, really.
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