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Kierra Kiki Sheard – Free lyrics

My redeemer has saved me from sin
My soul is awakened, I live
Free from what held me
Free from what fought me

Mentally, you've captured me
In my mind
I am free
In my heart
If I am yours
I am free

Where the spirit of the lord our god
Is at rest there is freedom
You can be freed from bondage and healed from brokenness and full of joy
Be free...

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    She is speaking about how Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son payed the price for us. So now we are Free from sin. Because we were born and shaped inequity, but because of Jesus dying on the cross we are free from bondage and the sin. Now we belong to Christ and now our righteousness are no longer the filthy rags but now the righteousness of Christ we are standing before the King with. Our Soul is awakened as in quicken and "In Christ we live and die" so because of Christ we are born again and made new so we are alive in Jesus Christ, a new life we now live of righteousness. Free from what held us back and what fought us is the devil and his devices are free from these things. Because God deliver us and he fights our battle. The battle is not ours, its the Lord's. As we are born again we now have the mind of Christ, the spirit of God reigns and lives in us, our hearts are now set upon him, and most importantly, we are not our own but we belong to Christ. In the presence of our King, there is liberty, joy, peace, deliverance, healing and much more. So she's encouraging us all to be free in Christ cause that's the way to be free.
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    God is truly pleased with her. I wish that more artist could be as free and dedicated to the lord as her music is. These words speak to the young adult community as we go through the trials and tribulations as growing into ourselves physically and spiritually. This song means so much to me! Being free from bondage, sickness, brokeness, depression. But there is a man that we all know that can take all of these things. There is power in his name and I rebuke anything causes these curses to attach to us. Lord once again for your son, forgivness and tender mercies that you have bestowed upon us.
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    This is just a blessing. God truly used her to minister this song. You can tell the difference between someone trying to make money and just someone that's in the spirit. This song reminded me that I have the option and the power and authority to be healed to be free of all spiritual bindings that are not of god and heal me mentally from thinking through a fleshly point of view instead of how my father would. Amen.
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