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Kid Rock – FOAD lyrics

[Verse 1]
I heard that you been talkin' about me
Walkin' round without a tear in ur eye, eyes, eyes
Airin' out my dirty laundry while tryin' to suck my well bone dry, dry, dry

You ain't nothin' but complicated
Everythin' you preach is a lie
Everythin' I try you hate it
So baby why don't you just fuck off & die

[Verse 2]
I heard that you been speakin' softly
Tryin' to toss my good name under the bus, bus, bus
Creepin' round with everybody
Hey baby whatever happened to trust, trust, trust


Fuck off & die, all ur lies & hatred
Fuck off & die, all the good times wasted
Die fo' the good yeah die fo' the bad
Die fo' the memories we'll never have
C'est la vie, adios, fuck off & die!

(Guitar solo)

[Verse 3]
I'm givin' you an ultimatum
Cuz I ain't gonna watch you break him down, down, down
You told me you were tryin' to save him
But all you did was sit back & watch him drown, drown, drown
The truth is far from how you played it
Everythin' you said was a lie
All this time I watched you fake it
So baby why don't you just fuck off and

You ain't nothin' but complicated
You put me down every time I try
You're so damn jealous I finally made it
So baby why don't you just fuck off & die
So baby now you can kiss my ass goodbye
Yeah fuck off & die

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