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Kid Cudi – Soundtrack Of My Life lyrics

[Kid Cudi]
I got 99 problems and they all snitches,
Wish I was Jigga man,
Care free livin,
But I'm not shawn,
Or Martin Louis,
I'm that Cleveland n-gga,
Rollin with them Brooklyn boy,
You know how it be when you start living large,
I control my own life,
Charles was never in charge,
No sitcom could teach Scott,
About the dram
Or even explain the troubles that haunted my mom
On Christmas time
My mom Christmas crying
Got me most of what I wanted how'd you do it mom?
Huh, she got me toys I would play with in my room by myself
Why he by himself?
He got 2 older brothers 1 hood 1 good
An independent older sister kept me fine when she could
But they all didn't see
The little bit of sadness in me

I've got some issues that nobody can see
And all of these emotions are pouring outta me
I bring them to the light for you
It's only right
This is the soundtrack to my life
The soundtrack to my life ohhhh

[Verse 2:]
I'm super paranoid like a sixth sense,
Since my father died I ain't been right since,
And I tried to piece the puzzle of the universe,
Split an eighth of shrooms just so I can see the universe,
I try to think about myself as a sacrifice,
Just to show the kids they ain't the only ones who up at night,
The moon will illuminate my room and soon I'm consumed by my doom,
Once upon a time nobody really cared,
My hearts an open sore that I hope heals soon,
I live in a cocoon opposite of Cancun,
Where it is never sunny the dark side of the moon,
So it's more than right, I try to she'd some light on the man,
Not many people of this planet understand.

I've got some issues that nobody can see
And all of these emotions are pouring outta me
I bring them to the light for you
It's only right
This is the soundtrack to my life
The soundtrack to my life ohhhh

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    He's obviously got issues that no one can see. The song almost explains itself. He talks a lot of his family in this song. He wants them to be there for him, but he won't say it straight. He's glad his mom has given him what she has. His dad's death screwed everything up for him, and he's going crazy because of it. He's doing drugs in hopes that maybe some of his problems will go away, but it all catches it up to him at night. He knows there aren't too many people who would get him, who feel the way he feels. He thinks killing himself is the easy way out. And he thinks that if he weren't famous, he'd be a nobody and that if he cared about what people said about him, he'd be a horrible person about it. He wants to grow out of it, settle down and get married. But he knows the prettiest girls are usually the rudest. He's saying the only things that calm him are sleeping around and california, but he's never completely fulfilled.
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    If you can relate to everything in this song, only then, is when you can understand this song, from the drugs, true love and betrayal, death, hes not self loathing, and hes letting everyone in on how he feels, he a "sacrifice" he bringin his life into thr light so the people who can relate to this song, know there not alone, " not many people on this planit understand" they can't help it, you don't want to.
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    I beleieve the meaning is that everyone faces issue no matter where and what you come from. In the begining of the song he expalins the struggles of his family. Talks about his mom how she'd manage to give with when they were struggling. Losing his father at a young age and going through the pain. Now hes a success but still strugles with what comes with it. He wants to settle down but can't due to the fame. He basically says he has so much now but don't be fooled with all that $$$ still not making him happy. And cudi rules.
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    A touching story of a kid not understood with problems that he is forced to face but doesn't expect people to feel greif for him because he is strong enough to face them on his own with passion and later turned them into his career so that he would be able to tell people his story so that maybe it could help just one person make it through the struggle they are faceing.
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