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Kevin Coyne – Witch lyrics

Witch, she's a witch and everybody knows
She's a witch and everybody knows

Why does she treat me this way?
Why does she often turn and say
"You can go away, I don't want you here today
You can't play, you cannot play"?

Witch, she's a witch and she's breaking my heart
She's a witch and she's breaking my heart

Why does she mooch around the house
Refer to me as, 'That louse'
Say all those awful things to my friends?
It drives me round the bend
She drives me round the bend

Witch, she's a witch and I want to go
She's a witch and I can't be slow

I must rush down the road
With my little bags packed down the road
I must turn and scream at the passersby
"That woman's told me lies
You can see it in her eyes, she always was a liar"

But in another day she was so good
She'd helped me cut the hedge
Even helped collect firewood
But that was when we was poor

Didn't have a thing, now we've got so much
Our hands are smothered in clusters of rings
She's got little trinkets, a little dog with a bell
That ping, ping, ping, ping, stinks

Witch, she's a witch and everybody knows
She's a witch and everybody knows

I cannot stand her friends anymore
I'm going to wipe them across the floor
I'm going to shout abuse as they drive away
I hate their faces anyway, they laugh at me anyway

Witch, she's a witch and leave me alone
She's a witch and she won't leave me alone

She has this little idea about me
She knows all my secrets, you see
She knows what I do in that little room
She says she's going to lock me in it
Trap me in it like a tomb

Another day, she was so kind
Made little comments about the quality of my mind
Said delicious, delicious things about my figure and hair
I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew
She really cared to share the things we had

Now there's too much and that is bad
Now there's too much of everything bad
And look at this, we don't need this
What have you bought that for, we don't want that

These possessions
Possessions are getting on top of us all
Every little thing, my goodness
You don't need golden walls, what about me?

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