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Kentucky Headhunters – Dumas Walker lyrics

Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker
Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker
We'll get a slaw, burger, fries, and a bottle of ski
Bring it on out to my baby and me

Yeah we're headed to the drive-in on a Saturday night
Just me and my baby and a six-pack of Lite
Got a pocketful of money, and I'm rarin' to go
Down to Dumas Walker right after the show
They'll be shootin' marbles in the back of the store
And laying money down on the floor

(repeat chorus)

He takes all his orders down one at a time
Don't need a pad, he's got a photogenic mind
He don't like the young folk hangin' around
He's here to let you know we gotta law in this town
You oughta see him reelin' when he walks through the door
The marble king is ready for more

(repeat chorus)

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  • s
    As my mother said, "Why, they've made a song about that old bootlegger, Dumas Walker!" Yes, he was. And he loved to shoot "marvels" as he called them. That was why "you oughta see him GRINNIN' when you walk through the door, the marble king ready for more!" More people to play marbles with. More business. They played Rolley Hole, which was a game carried to Appalachia from England and Ireland. But he also sold liquor in a dry county. And the home made stuff. And they bet on the marble games, and laid money down on the floor.
    A "slawburger" is a hamburger with cabbage slaw on it instead of lettuce.
    A bottle of "Ski" (not skeet) is a kind of soda pop, off brand, I think it was made by the ones who bottled are. C. Cola, it's like a Mountain Dew or something, one of those lemon/lime eye burners.
    The country music video of this song showed them shooting marbles on a pool table, which as far as I know doesn't happen. But they have a marble tournament at Standing Stone every year.
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  • g
    Last verse has incorrect lyric. "You oughta see him reelin' when he walks through the door" should be "You oughta see him grin when money walks through the door", a reference to his prowess at shooting marbles. Adding some padding to get this to post. Adding some padding to get this to post.
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