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Kenny Rankin – Hiding Inside Myself lyrics

I've been so alone all my life
I couldn't give my heart to anyone
Hiding in myself was a man
Who needed to be held like everyone

The days moved into years
I look for warmth between the tears
It never ever found me
Never ever found me
Yes, I did seem to grasp at straws
They surely broke all the time

So I hid inside
(Till) I almost died
Yes I hid inside and I cried
A loving heart in a sensitive man
Hiding inside myself

Then you came out of nowhere
I could not believe my heart
I didn't know how to tell you
Didn't know where to start
I know you understand

When I hid inside
I almost died
Oh, I hid inside and I cried
A loving heart in a sensitive man
I know you'll understand


I love you...

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    It is about the man who afraid to get hurt again. Mybe na inlove sya sa isang girl before, pro nsaktan lng sya, dhil hndi cla mgkapriha ng estado sa buhay, pro mpag biro ang tdhana, ito na nman nainlove na nman sya sa iyang babae na mayaman, so ang gnawa nya, pra hndi na muling msaktan, pilit nya nalang itinatago, kahit mahirap at msakit, mas mabuti na kesa masaktan nman ulit ng sobra, sobrang relate ako sa song na to,.
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    This song refer to a man who knows the meaning and feeling of faling inolve and the hurt by doing so, when he felt the love for a women who came into his life, he was afraid that he might feel the same way so he never did dare to try. Though he really love the girl. The feeling of rejection and hurt became the barrier on his life. So sad.
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  • r
    It is so hard to hide everything we are really feeling from those who probably need to know our true feelings. We may try to hide but we can't hide our real feelings for long. Sooner or later these feelings are seen in our actions. We may try to fight that feelings, but we just couldn't. We just fall deeper each passing day.
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  • u
    I think the meaning of the song is that he is a gay man. He hides his feeling so that the man he loves does not avoid him and can be with him as friends. He does not want to ruin his friendship so he just hides his feelings and cried.
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