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Kellee Maize – Mind Right lyrics

He's in a good mood,
He's got that special class,
I'm flyin into him,
Into continental pass
And now were creators
Caus we create time
My inner light shouts
And my soul shine
You say you love my flow
Wanna be part of my team
And we gonna win the game
Say I'm smart like sakretese
Warm like a summers day
Happy like new years eve
We be the meditators
Next dimension with ease
I like the way you talkin
If you floatin my way
I'll be that red blood
Pumpin in your veins
Lets buy a ship
And we can sail away
Color lipstic, smudge kisses right on your face.

Earth mother mother
We see her under
Come on love her lover
Provide em brother
Her waves'll take you under
Cause she knows she bad
Seein the waste and clutter it makes me sad


Ooo baby I can meditate with you baby
Wanna send good vibes to you baby
Focus on your third eye
You can call me guru, I can make your mind right
I can make your mind right
I can make your mind right boy

Cosmic invader let me shape shift
Know you like that
Maybe it's time to put some knowledge in your back pack
Release the fist
Your feelin right
Were floatin now like helium balloons in the sky haha
I'm so trippy tight
Were doing yoga right?
Let the teachin begin
I'm diggin your insight
He says kellee don't stop your the freshest
Take me to the other world
Come on press next

I love your tarot spread
He like the prince of cups
Offerin from above
Tick tock special love
He likes how I chant
He knows this aint a hobby
Gotta keep my feet on the ground
Cause I'm not just anybody.

Lift off when I come down
To stop all the thinking
Tryna eat the right foods
Cuttin down on the drinkin
And then I disappear
Need gps to find me
Remember this girl
I thought he recognized me


He like jammin
Prior time expandin
He's got me in a trance
And you should see us dancin
He used to think I'm jaded
But now I'm conciousness
Inhale all the oxygen
See future esp man
And when the ohm ends
He's on my bed coastin
Love potion he's emotion
Yes he's my chosen
He knows like lasts life hopeless
And I joke like I'm suppose to
Take this photo orbs will focus
He says tell me how you know this
Tryna be calm and be centered
You like to leave then reenter
So lets do this he envoiced it
Said your word transformed me
So I opened where your focus
I'm only livin in this moment
He's a twin so we did this before
Lots of lives behind us
Cosmic coming back for more,
Hey perfect, uhm I mean purpose,
Well really your are what I'm here for haha
I like the way you walk
Mhmm I got it real bad
Another realm awaits
I know you got my back
I know that it will last
And I must stay awhile
This love is really special
Oh boy you make me smile.


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