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Kelis – Wait Song Girl Version lyrics

Hey how you doin lil daddy
Let me whipser in your ear
I like how you sip'n
On that belbivdere
You gotta s*** ass body
And yo tongue looks soft
Just the right type of shit
To get me off
And nah I aint play'n
And I know you will
You got gold teeth
Ill shine your grill
And they say a closed mouth don't get fed
So I don't mind ask'n for bread
You heard what I said
You want me to get in your bed
You can lick it while I'm grab'n yo dreads
You like to fuck well I like to put my legs in the uhh
Toot it up and let you lick all in my butt
Switch positions let me sit on your face
When I nut you gone love the taste you mite had sum but you neva had none like this
Juss wait to you taste my c***

Hey boy
Wait to you taste my c***
Wait to you taste my c***
Hey boy
Wait to you taste my c***
You gone eat this pussy up
Eat the pussy up
Eat the pussy up
Eat the pussy up
Eat the pussy up
Eat the pussy up
Eat the pussy up
You gone eat this pussy up
Oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah
Oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah

You fine but I aint gone sweat you
See you wanna fuck
I want you to suck
Walk around the club with a straw in ya mouth
Put my c*** in it
Eat me out
That mite be a lil hard to deal wit
I might fall in love if you make me spill quick
Keep me hot while you put in work
Imma skeet skeet skeet while you lick and slurp
Juss eat this cat like a dog
Don't stop to you hear me go ahh
And ohh yea somethin like that
But I'll catch a real good one if you do it
From the back
Eat my pussy in the shower while it's clean and fat
I don't need no soap juss lick my crack
My crack my crack put your whole face
In it yea juss like that

Chorus til end

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