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Keith Urban – For You lyrics

Well, all I saw was smoke and fire...
I didn't feel a thing.
But suddenly I was rising higher...
And I felt like I just made... The biggest mistake.
When I thought about my unborn child...
When I thought about my wife...
And the answer rang out clear from somewhere up above

No greater gift has man, then to lay down his life for Love.

And I wondered, would I give my life?
Could I make that sacrifice?
If it came down to it, could I take the bullet... I would
Yes I would, For You

Baby, you don't understand... I don't understand it all myself.
But there's a Brother on my left and another on my right
And in his pocket just like mine... He's got a photograph.
And they're waitin' for him back home.

And it's weighing on my mind...
I'm not trying to be the hero... I don't want to die...
But right now, in this moment, you don't think twice.

I wondered, would I give my life?
Could I make that sacrifice?
If it came down to it, could I take the bullet... I would
Yes I would...

You don't think about right.
You don't think about wrong.
You just do what you gotta do... To defend your own.
And I do this thing... For you, yes I would... Yes I would.

And I would give my life(guiter solo bomb goes off) I would make that sacrifice.
Cause if it came down to it, could I take the bullet, I would.
Yes, I would, I'd do it for you... I'd do it for you.
I'd take the bullet, yea, Yes I would.

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    My very first thought regarded the men and women who sacrifice for their families and fellow military members. However, the second time I listened, I recognized the reference to the crucifixion, one on his left and one on his right, the thieves one of whom repented and the other that didn't. It's funny how it takes a song such as this, which is powerful with the military interpretation and then realizing a bible study was so easily interjected. I have not really thought about thought for too long and I am hopeful that I start thinking more and more of what I was taught as a youth. I have stood up for the less fortunate, run blockade for the disabled, and currently make it my life's mission to defend my military when others mock it. Yes, my military - I am proud of these men and women. Back to the song - lyrics state the soldier is thinking of his unborn child and his wife; many of our service members are children (for lack of a better term) themselves, so young, not having lived their life out of harm's way. And here they are, their dedication to keeping me free, my rights, and I do not feel entitled. I feel truly blessed and I will pray for each and every one of the men and women in the armed services. God bless.
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    This song has a primary meaning of a man in the military in battle and facing the possiblity of death and leaving behind a family, but also realizing that many others have families waiting for them. He is questioning whether, when the time came, if he could take a bullet for someone else, partially for the future safety of his family, but also for his fellow brothers on the field. This song is also heavily loaded with biblical allusions, such as "no greater gift has man, then to lay down his life for love," which is very similar to a verse in the bible, the fact that jesus didn't want to die, but did for those he loved, and that there were two men, one on either side, of jesus. Truly a beautiful song.
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    To me this song means the ulitmate sacrifice of love for another. Authentic love that is part of one's soul for another. Many, many soldiers have felt this/lived it and given up their lives, not just in death but in time spent with their families, friends, and partners, and their own dreams for the good of others. Thank you from my heart. Sign me, as always ~ with all my love.
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    Selflessness is one of the greatest gifts we have received. It is one of those things that you will rarely see out in life. But when you do. You can't help but think about how well that man would do in the military with the life he would save if it came down to sacrificing himself. I'm not saying all people think that. But if you were to look at it. It would actually fit the men and women in the service. It does fit those people because they know the ultimate meaning of this song. Leaving behind their loved ones to protect them and many strangers. People ask others what they think it means to be a united states soldier. I think it means selfless service and the ability to know what's wrong or right.
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    It doesn't have hidden meanings (and I won't be rude though I want to be). It's about the brotherhood that these men feel in a life or death battle zone. He tries to explain to his wife why his acknowledgement that he would give his life for his brothers in battle is in no way a reflection of his love for his wife and unborn child. Its about the here and now, life and death. Powerful song and a powerful concept for the militarily detached to contemplate. Keith Urban is a class act for writing such a human song, not a song meant to just dip into the patriotic writers tank nor wax divisive.
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