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Keith Urban – Everybody lyrics

So here you are now, nowhere to turn
It's just the same old yesterday
And you made a promise to yourself
That you were never gonna be this way
And the only thing that you've ever known is to run
So you keep on driving faster into the sun

Cause everybody needs somebody sometimes
Yeah, everybody needs somebody sometimes

Don't have to find your own way out
You gotta voice, let it be heard
Just when it feels you're on a dead end road
There's always somewhere left to turn

So don't give up now
You're so close to a brand new day
Yes, you are and if you just can bear to be alone
I'll stay

Cause everybody needs somebody sometimes
Yeah, everybody needs somebody sometimes

Well, maybe I been too caught up to see
What you've been going through and all that I can say is

Oooo, yeah

And everybody needs somebody sometimes
Yeah, everybody needs somebody sometimes
Everybody needs somebody sometimes
A little left to save
Everybody needs somebody sometimes
Gotta have someone beside you
Gotta have someone beside you
Yes, ya do, yes, ya do
Everybody, everybody needs somebody sometimes

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    This song really means a whole lot to me. I think about the times when I do need "somebody". I recall the times my best friend asks me what's wrong. He's one of those guys who knows when something is bothering you. It was pretty ironic, but one time in our current events class, I remember that our teacher had showed a video and it used this very song. It was right then and there, when something was actually bothering me, and I wouldn't talk to my friend about it. I ended up ignoring him because I was sort of mad at him. Since that day, I've always loved this song. It means a whole lot to me. It reminds me of me and my friend. We used to be better friends than we are now. But now, since he has a girlfriend, we've just kind of been distant in our friendship. It's not the same, anymore.
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