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Kaysha – Bounce Baby lyrics

(Better bounce baby, yeah yeah / I'll make you dance baby, haha, haha
Better bounce baby, yeah yeah / Make you dance baby, make you dance baby)x2

It's the world wide, chico, comin' , to yo / Caraibeen, city or any pueblo
Myself plus, every other emcees that you know / From my crew hit you with the crazy menu
I please you, with the fat beats and cute hair / With lotion, I got no magic potion
Just emotion, music I create that's a passion /
Make a lotta dough and smiles that's my mission / Delicious, specialist, not a vandal /
If ya wanna play the Van Damme tete aw an kannal
Niggaz wanna ambush me, cause bouche a bouche / Too much, that's why I stay the bush
Check out the sound that hit like bamboo / Check out the beat that change the hair do
The original, s** crocodile / The original, s*** and wild

If sounding good was a crime, I'd be a criminal / In the industry they know me like the music hall
Now you know who bring the cream / Organized playas and Kaysha make you scream papa
The fat shit, the bad team you need / Baby don't be worried about the way we proceed
Maybe young in the factory but I study / For the 98, spend the money with me
All the niggaz in the west indies buy the shit / All the sexies in the clubs, move on it
Mcs from West Indies, deja vu in the menu / Famous like the fugees, baby baby please
Number one in the menu / Kaysha, It was previewed / One mo time like yo sista you shine
Who make you dance uh uh, uh uh / Mike, make you bounce, uh uh, uh uh

I know you wanna know who da best dada / No contest, Indies West to Cuba
Smoke cigarillo, even day festivo / Hot like fuego, the musical bambino
Sons of millions blacks from Haiti / to Paris, we got a mad band's diary
You don't know who I be stampeede, mozambique / My techniques come from, yo I'm not a bad seed
From a bad s**, that's why I rock rollex / On the arm deck, Don't like we get typex
I got the next, millenium, ready for my text / If ya feel bad about it get a fervex
The increadible, crazy with style / The irrationnal, too many gals
Crazy lovable, though I don't push a lex / I push a bike, but you like my s**

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