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Karla Bonoff – Someone To Lay Down Beside Me lyrics

There's somebody waiting alone in the street
For someone to walk up and greet

Here you are all alone in the city
Where's the one that you took to your side
Lonely faces will stare through your eyes in the night
And they'll say - woman sweet woman please come home with me
You're shining and willing and free
But your love it's a common occurence
Not like love that I feel in my heart
Still you know that may be what I need

Is someone to lay down beside me
And even though it's not real
Just someone to lay down beside me
You're the story of my life

Well morning is breaking the street lights are off
The sun will soon share all the cost
Of a world that can be sort of heartless
Not like love that you feel in our heart
Still you know that may be all you get

Is someone to lay down beside me
And even tho it's not real
Just someone to lay down beside me
You just can't ask for more

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  • l
    I agree. It is about a women who has had her heart recently broken. And she is still feeling the pain of the broken heart. In order to help temporarily reduce the pain, she is just looking for someone to get close with for awhile. And in the morning, there is still a "cost" of the broken heart and the decision to get together with someone whom she does not love as much as the boy who broke her heart.
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  • u
    It's about a woman who's had her heart broken. She is so lonely she reaches out for anyone who will show her affection & love, even if it's just for a few minutes and only physical. She's so hungry for the feeling that she lost she's willing to do what ever she has to do regain it. Like a drug addict chasing the high. There's no difference when the heart was poured out as much as the woman in the song. They are both chasing the high but never reaching the same feeling.
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