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Jay-Z & Kanye West – Illest Mother Alive lyrics

I say world wars, start wars...
I once said when I grow-up
I blow up her
Bitch you are famous
The world seems all with me
Is there life of the crimes doing robberies
Nobody is stopping me
I'll be a doctor or a lawyer
Dogs I was thinking
About reading Tom Sawyer
Holmes never had a pops
Role model stoner
Never will I make the draft
Don't have a jumper
9 to 5 ain't for everybody
Reading the fundamentals for school
Ain't for everybody
All I want is money and status
And be somebody
Not broke sleeping in attics
Being a nobody
For sure I'll get big rate
That's what I can see honestly
45, honey why I got to be
The life I live now but not how is going
Pretty soon my problems will go away with the wind
Tired of waking up just doing the same shit
Get dressed, hit the block, be on the bank shit
I want something better
Not the baggage I came with
The only change that I see
Is the coin that I flip with
Tired of looking at my girl
Can't take her shopping
The bills due I only got the stuck of my pocket
My life reality might do so just watch it

So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up?
Will I ever make it?
Will I blow her?
How my life good?
Will be a bommer on the street
I wanna make it from the hood
That is good for me
Dead guy
So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up?
Dead guy
So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up?
Dead guy
So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up?
Hopefully I'll make it
Hopefully I'll blow her

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