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Kanon Wakeshima – Still Doll lyrics

Hi, Miss Alice
Anata garasu no
Me de donna yume wo
Mirareru no?
Mirareru no?

Mata atashi
Kokoro ga sakete

Sukima ni sasaru

Hi, Miss Alice
Anata kajitsu no
Kuchi de dare ni ai wo
Nageteru no?
Nageteru no?

Mou atashi
Kotoba o tsumaku
Shita no netsu

Same kitte
Mederu outau mo

Still, you do not answer

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Submitted byrainieCorrosive
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    This song is a beautiful piece composed by Kanon Wakeshima. This song appears in Vampire Knight, a tragic/serious anime series that involves a very gorgeous and mysterious kind - vampires - and humans. This piece is extremely fitting to this anime series and it involves an almost melancholy feel to a bit of darkness to the lines, making you want to know more. "What is the meaning of this?" "What was the songwriter thinking while writing this piece?" It is certainly a composition that will not allow you to grasp it's deep meaning just by understanding the words. For those of you who do not understand Japanese or do not understand the meaning behind this song, here is what I think is a pretty accurate prediction of what Wakeshima was feeling while singing this piece.

    Hello? Miss Alice, what sort of dream are you dreaming with those glass eyes of yours? Please, tell me what you are dreaming of... Alas, my heart has been shattered again, the shards of my memory stabbing into it.

    Oh, please, Miss Alice, tell me who you're courting with those perfect china lips of yours? Who are you calling to, may I ask? Alas, I am not able to sing with these broken lips of mine... Even the song that is burnt on my lips, my tongue, I am not able to sing anymore... Still, you would not answer me...

    As you could see, this song has a considerable amount of sadness and despair mixed into it, but these cliffhanger lyrics are always making you beg for explanation of these lyrics. I hope I was of use to you all, and I hope you enjoy this song and/or Vampire Knight.
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    I absolutely love this song. It has the right amount of creep factor in it, along with a little bit of english, which I thought was perfect. I love kanon (even though she's japanese) and I find that this song is not that hard to sing in japanese. I'm probably screwing every word up though :) but it's so hard not to sing. In her video, she is so pretty! I just adore her dress! So yea, conclusion is: I love this song. Nothing more to it.
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    It's kind of wonderful in a strange way. I like it so much. Its video in vampire knight, fits its tune perfectly but people who watched could say the lyrics doesn't fit at all. However, if you just analyze the story in vampire knight, it fits. A little more suitable for the kuran family's fate story. Kind of. A sad song most likely dedicated for shizuka and rido's story. Same goes for yuuki, kaname, and zero.
    It's a sad song of love. And a sad song of fate at the same time. --suii?
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