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Kano – Brown Eyes lyrics

I love to make love
I love it when you wear them things that I like and they slide down your thighs everything seems alright
I love it when you put your back on my front and my tings come alive
I got a thing for them eyes, them pretty brown eyes and them city guys look back when they see us walk by
When I see you smile I lock that cos me and you are tight and it's been a while since we reacted and acted
Wild but
I love the fact that you trust me too, no other girls done it so it must be you
Boys will be boys and yeah I get Blusky too but I try my best to think of you
I love the fact that you tell me anything and everything that I need to know
If your girlfriends, boyfriends, boys have got dough, when your best friends telling you fuck that Kano
I'm telling you she's bad minded, jealous, I'll tell her for you
I wont get violent but I know her type
I love when you go silent when you know I'm right
See the position I'm in people talk don't listen they see you and wanna be in your position
And every boys wish is that it could be them and you, so I de-pend on you to keep them wishing
Listen to me I lo.. I like you... Wait... Nobody above just me beside you see...

But I don't wanna fall in love...

[Chorus (repeat x2)]
Na... I don't wanna fall in love, I don't wanna fall in love but your brown eyes have got me hypnotized
Maybe we could give it a try but I don't wanna fall in love

[Verse 2:]
Its not official but your mine and you know it
So when boys move to you they move away in no time
I love that you understand sometimes I got no time and you don't make me choose between you and studio time
I couldn't cope with you gone, I love your phone call's it's only cool for you to call me when eastenders is on
I don't tend to be wrong but are you right for me
Would you link me after the show and stay up all night for me
You want me to be faithful and I want you to be, lets meet in the middle Truthfully, I think how
Beautiful our youts can be
It used to be about your face n your body now
I love to be with you cos chillin' with you's like my hobby
I can see me livin' with you, no time soon, but imagine me and you shopping with a baby in tha trolley
But maybe if we fall in love too young we'll get bored remember life begins at 40 and by 30 we'll be
Acting naughty
But if we don't it might come back to haunt me
But if you hurt me then I'll hav to hurt you, then if I hurt you will you desert me...
But it should be you and me sittin in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

But I don't wanna fall in love...

[Chorus (repeat x5)]
Na... I don't wanna fall in love but your brown eyes have got me hypnotized maybe we could give it a try but
I don't wanna fall in love, but I don't wanna fall in love

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