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K-OS – The Rain lyrics

You say you love me, but then you turn and walk away
All for a love not even born yesterday
I see you on the streets and you just pass me by
You think I got no feeling, think I'm living high
But let me tell ya...
I could be on the TV, I could be on them magazines
But it's never enough when you felt the touch
Of an angel that's rocking your soul

When the Rain comes down
You're never around
But when the sun comes up
You always steal the fire
And Rain comes down on this side of town
But people have no feelings
They just run around
They just...x2

Keep chasing dollars, it's making me holler
I just don't know
I don't need a check I need some respect
So people you know
And the war, and the babies crying
And the cars and the house and the rings
And the things that don't mean nothing?

You can try to hate, classify and mack you're rate down
But I'm here to elevate, I'll be floating in outer space now

When the Rain comes down
Will you be around?
When the sun comes up
Will you always steal my fire?
And Rain comes down on this side of town
But people have no feelings
People... Woo...

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