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JYJ – In Heaven lyrics

[Jihyo] Geuman galke...
[Yoochun] Gajima...
[Jihyo] Gottoraol geoya geureonikka
[Yoochun] Geojitmal, geojitmal
[Jihyo] Aniya, naega neol imankkeum saranghaneunde
[Yoochun] Geu sarang, jigeum boyeojul sun obgetni?
[Jihyo] Saranghae...
[Yoochun] Ttodasi saranghal sun obgetni?

[Jaejoong] Jigeum waseo malhal sudo eobseo
Neoui gijeok geu modeun ge heosang gata
Majimak geu moseubdo seoseohi gieok sogeman
Jamgyeojyeo ganeun geotman gata

[Yoochun] Eodinga-eseo nal bogoisseulkka
Huhwehaedo neujeobeoryeo bol su eobseo

[Yoochun/Junsu] Chueoge geurimja-e chokchokhan nae nunmul-deulleo
Geu jaril jigyeobogo isseo

[Jaejoong] Nan mothae jeongmal mothae
Niga nae yeope isseul ttae mankeum
Mianhande geuge andwae
Ijen modeun ge tteolryeowa

[Junsu] Jogeum deo gidarida
Kkum sokeul hemaeida (hemaeida~)
Gyeolguk ni aneseo nuneul gameulkkabwa

[Jaejoong/Junsu] Kajima tteo najima
[Yoochun] Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
[Jaejoong/Junsu] Geojitmal da geojitmal
[Jaejoong] Jeonhyeo deulijiga anha

[Junsu/Yoochun] Saranghae neol saranghae
[Jaejoong] Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni
[Junsu/Yoochun] Saranghae neol saranghae
[Junsu] Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

[Yoochun] Byeolsseo ireon gyeojeol jinawasseo
Neoui heunjeok chajabwado jiwojyeosseo

[Yoochun/Jaejoong] Majimak ni gieokdo nunmure teoneol sokeuro
Jamgyeojyeoganeun geotmal gata

[Junsu] Iman kkeutnae nareul kkeutnae
Niga neo yeope ittjireul andamyeon
Mianhande iman galke
Ijen neoui gireul ttara

[Jaejoong] Kkeuteobneun gireul ttara neol ([All/Ooh ooh~) chaja hemaeida ([All]hemaeida~)
Geunyeoreul irghoseo seulpeomanhalkkabwa~ ([Jaejoong]Oh woah~)

[Jaejoong/Junsu] Kajima tteo najima
[Yoochun] Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
[Jaejoong/Junsu] Geojitmal da geojitmal
[Jaejoong] Jeonhyeo deulijiga anha
[Junsu/Yoochun] Saranghae neol saranghae
[Jaejoong] Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni
[Junsu/Yoochun] Saranghae neol saranghae
[Junsu] Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

[All/Jaejoong]Kajima kajima isseojeul su ittni
Geojitmal geojitmal deulrijiga anha
Saranghae saranghae boyeojul su ittni
Saranghae saranghae saranghae jugettni

[All/Junsu]Kajima kajima isseojeul ([Jaejoong]Ooh~) su ittni
Geojitmal geojitmal deulijiga anha
Saranghae saranghae boyeojul su ittni ([Jaejoong]Woah~)
[ALl/Jaejoong]Jebal dorawajweo~

[Jaejoong/Junsu] Kajima tteo najima ([Jaejoong]Woah Oh~)
[Yoochun] Nae gyeothe isseojul suneun eobtni
[Jaejoong/Junsu] Geojitmal da geojitmal
[Jaejoong] Jeonhyeo deuliji anha

[Junsu/Yoochun] Saranghae neol saranghae
[Jaejoong] Han madi boyeojul suneun eobtni ([Jaejoong]Ooh~ )
[Junsu/Yoochun] Saranghae neol saranghae
[Jaejoong] Tto dashi saranghae jugettni

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  • u
    Jaejoong wrote this song after his close friend committed suicide. The day before it happened, he had called jaejoong and asked him out to have a drink. Jaejoong was (in the us? And) much too busy with work to go out with him, so he told him "some other time. " and the next day woke up to hear the news. It's impossible not to feel guilty in that situation.
    From this, we can gather that in the mv, junsu's work was important to him and he couldn't skip out on his meeting to be with her. Until he realized that it was his work, or her life. It wasn't that he didn't love her enough the first time; he just, unintentionally, never showed her how much he loved her.
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  • u
    It's obvious. Junsu didn't feel the importance of his relationship with Ji Hyo at the beginning of the mv, thus explain why he didn't answer the call. Ji Hyo, being left out, feel that this world is cruel. She then commit suicide. Long after that, Junsu still can't accept that she's already gone. He keeps remembering her no matter what he do and he felt empty and regret. Then the 'Heavens' did something for Junsu to redeem his past mistake. Ji Hyo is back but she acts like nothing happened. Junsu was surprised because of that and when he checked the calendar, the date was way back before the accident. Realize this, he hugged Ji Hyo tightly and was very happy. Junsu then tried to do his best to make up his mistakes before. He started to pay attention to Ji Hyo, going on a date with her, having dinner, make surprises and all. Then, the day of the accident came. Junsu have a decision to make, whether to let the same thing happen again, or be with her when the time comes. And as you can see from the mv, he chose to be with her. So during the last scene, you can see they were sitting together on a bench in a place called 'Heaven'. What a brilliant mv I must say :)
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  • u
    I know the meaning clearly. She died and left xiah live alone for long time. But the god give a chance to both of them. You wanna know what? The god rewind the time and the day she's living with xiah on august 8 2008. That time it started with a knock of door. Even god rewind the time but xiah still remembered. Xiah was very happy when she came back. While he's working in his officce he remembered that today is the day his girlfriend passed away. He felt worry that's y he finds her. But after he found her she's in an accident so he thought even if he died he want to died with her. Because even if he lives he lives in a lonely life and miss her. They were die in a car accident and went to the heaven!
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  • u
    For me the song means that junsu wants to go back to the time when he was so busy working and change it for the girl he loves, and they died both because junsu wants it because it is a big pain for him when the girl died in the mv, but then he tried to save the girl so even if they die they will be still together ^_^.
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  • u
    Hmm. In heaven song by jyj wants to show the love that was given a chance from god. If you notice the mv, the girl was died from an accident then junsu oppa regret it, then god gave them chance, one day junsu woke up then someone knocked on his door, then it was her gf. God erased all the memories that is connected to the accident and death of his gf, but junsu oppa remembered some of it. He was shocked when he saw his gf then he looked on the calendar. God gave chance to their love, god bring back the days when junsu oppas gf was alive. So. That's it. :))
    By the way, I am a fan of xiah junsu oppa :)) I love him so much. I always watched the music video of in heaven because oppa was there :)) saranghae oppa, chuwahae:*
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