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Juvenile – N.O. Soulja Feat Dee Money lyrics

Juvenile Ft slim Thug

[Juvenile Talking]
I'm from da nolia new orleans numbah 1 hustler down south posted with dee money we on da block gangsta til I die cause nigga I keeps a glock on da corner josephine & vl turn pipe of dat nolia 3rd ward soulja my teeth gleaming ya'll young niggaz may not understand me but now heres some words
From my nigga Slim Thug

[Slim Thugverse 1]
I stay posted on da block with dat pistol in my hand a
[Juvenile Chorus]
I'm a N. O. Soulja reppin dat nolia nigga you ain't seen a N. O. Soulja
From dat nolia I'm a N. O. Soulja

[Slim Thug]
Nigga it's me again I'm fresh 2 death leave da block smokin have ya breathing ya last breath stay posted on da block keeps a pistol in my hand
Betcha can't do it like cause it's a one night stand me and my nigga juvie
Stay posted on da corner we keeps a gat shootin bullets faster than kurt warner or more like payton manning dirty nigga this dee money ya understand.

Juvenile Chorus

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