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Justin Bieber – Turn To You lyrics

You worked two jobs,
To keep a roof above our heads,
You chose a life for me,
No you never gave up,
I admire you for the strength you've instilled in me,
You were so young
You were just my age when you had me mom,
You were so brave.
There was nothing gonna stop or get in our way.
And I know you will always be there for me.

So when you're lost and you're tired,
When you're broken in two,
Let my love take you higher, cause I, I still turn to you.
I still turn to you, I still turn to you.

It was '94, the year that
Everything started to change from before
You had to be a woman,
You were forced to change your ways, to change your ways...
Then you found the Lord,
You gave your life to Him,
And you could not ignore, the love he had for you

And I wanted more of your heart.

So when you're lost and you're tired,
When you're broken in two,
Let my love take you higher,
Cause I, I still turn to you.
I still turn to you, I still turn to you

I don't know what I'd if you left me,
So please don't go away,
Everything that you are is who I am, who I am today...

So when you're lost (you're Lost) and you're tired, (you're tired)
When you're broken in two, (In two)
Let my love take you higher, (You higher)
Cause I, (I) I still turn to you.
I still turn to you, I still turn to you.

To you, to you, to you.
I still turn to you.
(I still turn to you)
Cause I, I turn to you.

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    Okay this song actually means that justin was raised by pattie by herself. She was a single mom for a while and raised justin. She recorded his videos for YouTube she wanted this for him and she helped him make it happen. It wa his dream and moms help make your dreams come true and through justins rough times she helped him through it that is what it means to me (noh8 my own opinion).
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    My neaning turn to you is if you make made mad I will never go if you make me up set I will never walk away. I am trying to say when you hug me and when I fall you come running to make me smile I know whos the one who has been there for me the one who pick me back up no matter what you do I will alaways turn to you ma.
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    This is an amazing song. I'm so proud of justin. This song was written for his mum and the proceeds are going toa charity that will help people who were in the same position as pattie (justin's mum). The song is from justin to his mum and he is thanking her for everything she did and gave up in order to raise him. He is telling her that she means the world to him and when life gets hard for her too, he will always be there for her, just like she was for him.
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    This song contradicts what you really think it means. This is about parents, the mom who works at the diner and drug store and the dad who drives truck and sells drugs. They are trying to be good parents, but the kids are actually more responsilbe just like bieber and his upbringing. So the kids decide one day to murder their parents - remove the trash from the planet. The whole town celebrates. Bieber is one of the kids. His upbringing was actually tougher than eminem's. Tough life, poor kid. I hope hollywood doesn't eat him up and he ends up in the alley eaten by a coyote.
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    Doesn't matter the mother do, she loves her kids unconditionally, puts them first, loves them to death, even though, there are moments that "we" (mothers) stop and break down cause we tired, we fight and fight and fight, but one thing is, we never, ever gave up on our kids, nor ourself. As a mother, I completely understand, and now listening to this song, I know my son and future children will think the same way.
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