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Junior Walker – Way Back Home lyrics

Oh, there's good 'n bad things
About the South, boy
Oh, and some leave a bitter taste
In my mouth, now

Like the black man livin' across the track
White man were on the other side
Holdin' him back
Way back home, now

Oh, but we won't talk about that
'Cause it's understood
Ev'rybody sees the bad
But what about the good?

Ooh, I'd give anything
Just to smell that scent
Of honeysuckle growin'
On a backyard fence
Way back home, now


'Oh Heaven Scent, Ya'All!'

(Way back home)
Yeah, way back home
(Way back home)
Way back home, back home

I'd love to smell the wetness
Of grass and trees
And see ground kissed
By honey bees
Like way back home, now

Oh, but childhood days
Are dead 'n gone
Well, but the memories
Still linger on

Oh, have you ever gone swimmin'
In a muddy creek
With nothin' on your body
From head to feet?
Way back home, yeah

How much you'd pay for the game
Like hide an seek
And snake through the weeds
Overhear the streams

Well, I know some kids
Still play those games
But when they play
It just ain't the same
Like way back home

'Sad to sing it, ya'all!'

Way back home, way back home

(Way back home)
Way back

Oh, I really miss those things
That have faded away
I remember them
Like it was yesterday
Now, way back home

(Way back ho-ome)
(Way back ho-ome)

Doo-doo, do-do
Doo-doo, do-ooo-do

(Way back ho-ome)
(Way back ho-ome).


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    I discovered this song as an instrumental on a jazz crusader's compilation in 2003. It wasn't until earlier this year in 2012 while studying jr. Walker's discography that I heard the lyrics. Knowing so many blacks fled the south for northern cities like chicago and detroit, where curtis mayfield build his legend and berry gordy's motown stable of artist built their's respectively, this song feels to me like the graduation song of the civil rights movement.
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    In the early seventies blacks were beginning to reap the benefits and heal from the struggles of the civil rights movement. The plight of urban living did not justify the tensions brought on by high density living, crime and the moral decay of the slums and ghettos. Although work was plentiful and unions were strong there was a longing for the simplicity and charm of the south, despite the challenges that existed for black people.
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