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Jump5 – Throw Your Hands Up lyrics

Are u ready to get that feeling?
Do u know when the time has come?
There's a second of realizing
Then we're singing it all as one
Everybody come on get on up
Altogether we move in time
This is how u can know where ur at
See u doing it with jump5

Can u hear it getting louder
The sound of noise increasing
A little piece of heaven now
This is the sound we're gonna raise the ceiling
Can u hear it getting louder?
The sound of noise increasing
A little piece of heaven now
This is the sound!

Throw your hands up and make some noise
Everybody get live and jump 4 joy
When I say reach, u touch the sky
From the front to the back from side to side

Do u wanna be with me dancing?
Are u gonna be by my side?
Never stop, we'll keep on moving
Are u ready to take this ride?
Doesn't matter where u come from
Doesn't matter what place ur in
Yeah, it's the time to get on
Hear the rhythm and u begin

[chorus 2x]

Get on up, put your hands in the air
Jump5 is getting down so u better beware
Gotta do it like this, see u do it like that
Do it side to side from the front to the back
See u kick it..see u ride the groove
Do it any way u want but I gotta see u move
If u got it going on then u'll never get enough
If u wanna get down..throw ur hands up!

[chorus 4x]

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