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Julee Cruise – The Art Of Being A Girl lyrics

Don't say anything darling, just smile

Say something sweetly
But carry a big gun

Try stylish but s***
And marry a rich man

'Cause it's the art of being a girl

Spill on me like water
There's no mess, it's not yours

'Cause it's the art of being a girl
Yes it's the art of being a girl

Use teardrops gently
But always get your way

'Cause it's the art of being a girl
Yes it's the art of being a girl

Don't say anything darling, just smile
You won't worry honey, you won't even get a chance to talk

Yeah, right

Hi... Ummm... This is room 207
I need an order of... Um... Let's see...
Scrambled eggs... Not... Not runny... Not with the albuben in it...
Ah.. Just.. Ah... Albumen... I don't... I guess scrambled eggs hard...
So... And then I want a pot of decafe coffee, and a pot of regular coffee...
And in the decafe coffee, can you put a shot of decafe espresso in the decafe coffee?
And give me lots of extra half-and-half please
No a shot of... Yeah, a shot of... Of of of espresso, but decafe espresso in the decafe...
And I want them both small... Size small...
Yeah, and regular... Ye ye yeah, regular coffee too...
Ok thanks, yeah...

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