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Juelz Santana – Wherever I Go lyrics

[Juelz Santana Verse 1]
Okay, I'm reloaded, okay the heats loaded, okay now we rolling okay (yeah)
My. 44 peace talking, sound o-so-sweet talking
Do more-more street talking, than Stone Cold Steve Austin
And I bang it well, slang it well, shave it well
Hell, you looking at the preview of "The Matrix 12"
El rock them, I'm here to shake the bells (Juelllllz...)
Shake the bells what's my name (Santana)
You got that gear right, I'm not that queer type
Nasty behind the wheel, but my mind ain't steered right

[Hype-D Verse 2]
Seems Like wherever I go I get all the hoes I make them bitches
Drop it down to tha floor close that door cook that crack cause
Me and juelz are back sittin on the lock we be switchin lanes
In the maybach, fuck them niggaz I'm rich bitch light that hitch
Close the 9, do a drive by I get done get out the car I'm fine
Yall bitches is lame I'm 14 in the game takin yo fame, I'm back like dame
But not like tha dash I aint got no class back in the hood everybody
Still full of that ash i'll bash you up I get my gang to beat you up
Raise ya cup I steal ya girl I take her home and I'll beat her thang up
Yall niggaz say I got that luck well fuck young buck when that nigga in jail he like to fuck when these rappers rap it sound like they quack like duck well I'm hype-d are. O. C. We in tha place 2 be you know who I be ohhh

[Juelz Santana Verse 3]
Or more proper, I'm straight out like hot spaghetti
It's rock and roll time (time) it's lock and load time (Juelllllz...)
Show time, adios amigo, got to go time (Santana)
Yeah, but I be back right at you, twice back at you, like Christ back at you, yeah!
You be like damn, that's one nice ass rapper
I kind of like that rapper, I want to be like that rapper, no!
No, but if you bite that rapper,
I might bite back at you, with the Rifle at you, whoo!
Yeah, I know that might sound bad, but it's
I'm back

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