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Journey – Don't Stop Believin' lyrics

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world
She took
the midnight train goin' anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train goin' anywhere

A singer
in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlights people, living just to find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night.

Working hard to get my fill,
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice,
Just one more time
Some will win, some will lose

Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on


Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
Streetlights people

Don't stop believin'
Hold on
Streetlight people

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
Streetlights people

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  • destinyjwalker
    First of all I would just like to say that I love journey n I think this song means like if you have a dream tht know one else think you can accomplish tht you should ingore them n follow it no matter wht or it means its about a realtionship tht their parents don't approve of so he takes a train going anywhere n meets her at some place n live with her living his dream life I guess peacez.
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  • u
    Don't stop believin is a very tragic song, thousands of people listen to it every day and it puts them in a good mood. But very few people know the actual, dark and twisted message behind this song.
    Tommy tucker was a very high-spirited 8 year old. He had perfect grades and attendance all throughout elementary school. One day he took a took the wrong bus home from school on accident. He saw some kids on it that he had never seen before. Suddenly he was blindfolded and being beaten. Next thing he knows, he laying in an abandoned alley surrounded by seven older men. They rape him. And they keep raping him. And hour later they are still raping the hell out of him.
    Finally they finish on tommy and leave him there. Tommy walks home awkwardly because his butt is really sore. Like super sore.
    Tommy goes home and tells his parents about what happened. His father kneels in front of him, looks in his sons eyes and says. "tommy tucker... You dont stop believin. "
    That is what this song is about.
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  • u
    I think it just describes the tragic state of reality. It means that, simply, some people win, some lose, and some of them (like me) are born to sing the blues.
    But it also says not to stop believing, though it gives no alternative. The sad reality is that one day, dreamers will no longer dream. Underdogs will no longer win. Lovers will no longer be together. But that day is far away enough for us, so lets just keep listening to old music and discussing their meanings.
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  • p
    Simply put, the song is about never giving up hope, and continuing the search. I've been hearing this song alot as of late, and I really like it. I have to say though, what initially got me into this song was when I heard it on Family Guy, on the episode when Peter and his friends decided to start some kind of karaoke band, and this was the first song they performed! So funny, especially when they each took turns singing a line!
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  • u
    It sound like this song is about 2 homosexual dude meeting up on a male prostitute strip and strip bar in secret cuz society wont accept it at that present time. So the song is to give hope that one day homosexuality will be accepted, hince the title don't stop believing. The written lyrics say something different than the song the song says "just a small town girl living in a lonely world he took the midnight train" not she. This is indicating the female/male in the male prostitution relationship.
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